I’ve been trying to dive more into the world of Autism Representation, mostly because all the autistic people that came before me say it’s mostly crap, and I want to get a sense of what flavors of crap have been partaken in before. Thus, I ventured to Netflix.

I didn’t…

Maybe you were on an online dating site where “asexual” isn’t an option you can click. Maybe you met briefly at a bar and it didn’t come up until you suggested “getting out of here”. …

Ah, Tumblr. Both the place I discovered the nuances of and realized my identity as an asexual person, and the home of these outstanding Hot Takes.

I assume most of you reading this aren’t exactly on top of your Sesame Street news, which I’m only judging you for a little bit. …

CW: mentions of sexual assault

Something that comes up again and again among those who are questioning whether or not they’re asexual are I-can’t-be-ace-because arguments in their own heads.

“I can’t be ace, because I like having sex with my partner!”

“I can’t be ace, because I masturbate sometimes!”


“Aren’t they the same thing?” You ask moments before I smack you upside the head.

That’s because I’m assuming the best of you. When you bring up the topic of queerbaiting, there’s usually two counterarguments. The one I assume you didn’t make because I trust you is, “Geez, why does…

This has been sitting in my drafts for months now. I want to talk about why.

“Fear of the unknown” is incredibly common in humans. Most of us would rather know something is going to go horribly than not be sure how it will go. …

A few weeks ago, I was at a seminar for adults who are interested in being an ally for young people when it comes to sex ed, sexuality, gender, and general health. To start, the instructor asked the room, most of whom were women, when they first heard about puberty.

Not to sound like a strawman sexist version of a girl gamer, but I don’t really GET shooters.

I’ve watched my friends play your Halos, your Call of Duty’s (Calls of Duty?), your PUBG’s, your CS:GO’s, your Barbie Pet Rescue’s — all those classic gun games.

Seeing the word “fanfiction” just now either made you smile fondly or put the fear of God in you. Both of those reactions are justified. While fanfiction can be bizarre, horrifying, and weirdly sexual, it can also be inspiring, thought-provoking, and weirdly sexual.

Okay, okay, not all fanfiction is sexual…

Mary Kate McAlpine

An asexual writer with lots of opinions and a half-played Steam library. Play my first game here: http://philome.la/themarykatemca/an-asexual-experience

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