Autistic ≠ Asexual

Equating flapping hands with beautiful things like fairy wings and butterflies? I fuckin see you, Sesame Street, you geniuses.
Here’s the whole clip, if you’re curious/need more wholesomeness today.

How it’s Dangerous for Autistic People

Since we’re riding the Autistic Train at the moment (the softest and comfiest of all the trains), let’s start with why this myth is bad for autistic people.

The amount of black doesn’t surprise me as much as the amount of red. Were they just trying to show up the Speaker?

How It’s Dangerous for Asexual People

I’ll keep this one brief, since I’ve talked about it quite a few times already, but a lot of people still don’t believe asexuality exists.

Me calling out an aphobe like

Why It’s Dangerous for Autistic Asexuals

You might have noticed I said that autistic asexual people do exist. Aren’t they at least getting something from this, you may well ask?

Way better than that damn puzzle piece.
“What is this, amateur hour?” — Julia, probably



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